Childcare Openings

For working parents, one of the issues is the availability of childcare. The Covid pandemic, and its impacts on the Southington Public Schools, have expanded the need for childcare from Birth to age 5 to:
  • School-age children if the District moves to a full-remote or a hybrid model or if the parent opts out of the in-person model.
  • School-age children of teachers and SPS staff since the teachers will be in their classroom regardless of which of the three models the District goes with.
  • Younger children who need care in a different way than in the past due to Covid concerns.
The Early Childhood Collaborative of Southington (ECCS) has been asked to help provide information about childcare availability.

All 12 childcare centers in Southington are open but many of their classrooms are full.  Of the 25 family childcare providers in town, some are open, some are closed and some would be open if the parents they previously served returned to needed care. All providers are working under new State restrictions on group sizes, mask wearing, cleaning and other Covid health regulations and waivers. You can learn more about Covid and Childcare from the CT Office of Early Childhood. The group size was  increased from 14 to 16 on August 20, 2020 and then to 18 on October 12, 2020 and so providers are working to adjust to those new guidelines.

Contact information for local providers is in the ECCS Town Resource Directory, look under either Childcare Centers or Family Childcare Provider categories.

You can also visit or call 2 – 1 – 1 for childcare openings State-wide.

The Office of Early Childhood has collaborated with the United Way of Connecticut’s 2-1-1 Child Care to provide a dedicated support line for educators. Board of Education staff can call 860-756-0864 to get help finding child care.

The ECCS surveyed childcare providers in Southington and the neighboring communities the week of 8/17/20 to create this list. Only providers who responded to the survey, had openings and gave permission to be listed are included on this page. More information is being collected and this page will be updated.

Openings list as of 2/26/2021:


  • Bright Beginnings – has a few openings for infants and for ages 3, 4 and 5.  For school age they have openings for before and after care and will have some full-time positions for hybrid and remote learning.
  • UPDATED 1/21/2021: Jack and Jill II Day Care Center – openings in Infant, Waddler, Toddler and PreK classrooms.  Currently Preschool classroom is full.
  • UPDATED 1/21/2021: Margaret C. Griffin Child Development Center in Southington has no openings at this time. They are accepting applications for fall 2021 for their 3, 4 and 5 year old classrooms for families who are income eligible, payment on a sliding scale.
  • Leadership Martial Arts in Southington – has multiple openings for elementary students in grades K to 5 for all-day distance learning combined with leadership skills and physical activity and openings for after school only with transportation depending on the elementary school.
  • UPDATED 1/21/2021: My Little Rascals has four openings for infants,
    one spot in the ones room and a part time spot in the twos room. No preschool openings.
  • UPDATED 1/21/2021: My Little Rascals Too has openings for every age from 8 weeks to preK.
  • UPDATED 10/23: Town and Country Early Learning Center in Southington – has openings for most ages birth to five with group size increase. They will not be opening a classroom for K-5 for remote learning support.
  • Southington-Cheshire Community YMCA has several spots in both the three year old and four year old full day preschool. They have a few spaces left in the three year old Nursery School program which meets on T and TH from 9:00am-11:30am. The four year old program which meets MWF from 9:00am-11:30am/1:00pm is currently waitlisted. Registration is open for fall 2021 Nursery School classes. They are not licensed for infants and toddlers.
  • UPDATED 10/14: The Southington-Cheshire Community YMCA’s would like to provide parents an alternative childcare opportunity for all children who are choosing a virtual learning or distance learning format or for those districts outside of Southington or Cheshire that are currently in a remote or hybrid school model. Options are available if the Southington Public Schools switches to a hybrid or full remote model. Our Virtual Learning Academy is the perfect option for working parents!
    The Virtual Learning Academy will offer students their own quiet work space, equipped with WiFi, to complete their daily assignments. Our staff will be ready to assist students with any support, as well as provide them with “brain breaks” to add a little fun into their day!
    Children will also have the opportunity to enhance their learning through hands-on activities in a small group setting. The following subjects would be offered: physical education, STEM, Arts and Crafts. Both children and staff would be required to wear face masks and follow current COVID-19 protocols. The location of the Virtual Learning Academy will be 29 High St. Southington, CT or in Southington Public School locations (TBD).
    This program requires a minimum number of students to operate and pre-registration is required. If you would be interested in this opportunity, please contact Nicole Guerra, School Age Childcare Director, or 860.426.9547. 
  • Great Beginnings in Plainville – has a few openings for infant under 6 month, ages 1, 2, 3, 5 and school age.
  • Plainville Early Learning Center, Inc. – limited openings for ages 1 and 3.
  • Cheshire Nursery School – has limited openings for ages 2, 3 and 4. If group size is increased beyond 16, they will have additional spaces available. They are currently waitlisting for this eventuality.
  • KinderCare in Cheshire – multiple openings for all ages birth through four years old.
  • Over the Rainbow in Cheshire -multiple openings for all ages birth through fifth grade. Four spots available to parents who would need care for the weeks until school starts.

Southington centers that have not responded to the survey yet and may have openings are: Saint Dominics and Stork Club. The Nurturing Nest is currently full with a long waiting list.

Family Childcare (in private homes):

  • Robyn Angeli – has two openings for age two and over.
  • Jennifer Cook – only one slot available for age 2 to 4 years at this time.
  • Angela Griffis –  two openings for any age including infants/toddlers, two openings for 2 and over and two for school aged distance learning, on Mondays and Fridays. She has a full time assistant. They provide transportation to Flanders in the morning. Transportation to and from Hatton, Thalberg and Derynoski.
  • Beth Mearkle – opening for a two year old.
  • Maria Nelson, Country Kids Home Daycare – opening for one child under two, two children age two to five and three school age children. Would take up to three school age children on a short term basis.
  • UPDATE 10/29: Marilyn Sargent- opening for three after school openings and two before School openings for Flanders school district.  If schools go to remote learning, she has an opening for a Thalberg Kindergartener in Ms. DeBishop’s class since she will have a student from her class and he might enjoy a learning partner working on the same curriculum.
  • UPDATED 1/21/2021: Donna Voisine, Apple Dumpling Daycare – openings for children age two and up, call cell for more information.

Several family childcare providers did not respond to the survey.

Contact information for these providers is in the ECCS Town Resource Directory, look under either Childcare Centers or Family Childcare Provider categories. Note that there are additional providers who either did not respond to the survey or who preferred not to be listed.

Childcare Costs

The cost for childcare depends on the age of the child and their schedule. The cost per day is lower if attending all five days instead of part time. Extended day options usually cost extra. The cost for infants and toddlers is usually higher since there is a lower teacher-child ratio and can run $230 to $320 per week. Care for preschool age children can be $36 to $60 per day for depending on the hours. Care for school age children with remote learning support is $50 to $75 per day. Some centers offer financial assistance or sibling discounts.

Lower and moderate income working families can apply for the Care4Kids childcare subsidy program. Phone: 1-888-214-KIDS (5437) or web site:

Returning to School

The Governor’s office issued guidance to the school districts about reopening in the fall of 2020: Adapt, Advance, Achieve: Connecticut’s Plan to Learn and Grow Together. Districts have put together plans for: reopening in the building, a split schedule and enhanced distance learning. They are offering a distance learning option for students who choose not returning to the open classroom. The Southington Public School’s reopening plans and parent surveys are can be found on their COVID-19 page under the “From our Superintendent”

The State Department of Education has additional resources for Families and Educators.