Workshop: Pretend Play, Brain Growth and the Outdoors

Date: March 15, 2018

Start Time: 6:30 pm with 6:00 registration

YMCA Learning Center (across the street from the main YMCA campus)
30 High Street

City: Southington, CT

Parents and Providers are invited to this workshop on Pretend Play, Brain Growth and the Outdoors.
Hear why pretending and playing outdoors are so important for brain growth and child development.

The speaker is Erin Akers, M.Ed., Director of Education and Development, at the Gesell Institute of Child Development, Yale University. “Since beginning work with Gesell in 2010 as a National Lecture Staff member, Erin Akers has been an integral part of Gesell’s leadership team. Erin’s ability to fully utilize her first-hand experiences in roles such as classroom teaching, school administration, professional development, and a parent of four brings immeasurable value to Gesell as an organization. Being a career educator, Erin also works tirelessly to engage everyone around her in meaningful learning that progresses toward a better learning environment for all young children. From developing teaching tools to motivating her trainees and beyond; Erin builds a foundation for the institute to grow stronger each day, just as she has done for so many children throughout her career.”

Free childcare will be provided by the Southington YMCA. Note the YMCA Learning Center is located across the street from the main YMCA campus. Location is subject to change based on number of registrations.

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Download the ECCS Pretend Play, Brain Growth and the Outdoors Workshop 3-2018 flyer.

This workshop is part of the ECCS’s Southington Community Well-Being Grant Initiative funded by the Bradley Henry Barnes & Leila Upson Barnes Memorial Trust at the Main Street Community Foundation.