Preparing for School

Exposing a child to preschool experiences is essential in preparation for kindergarten. Preschool experiences can be defined in several ways – including nursery school, childcare programs, enrichment programs, reading programs, music programs and many more. Any child-based programs that allow for the child to interact with other children and participate in a group setting begin to lay the strong foundations for kindergarten readiness.

Preschool registration for school-year based programs opens to new students in January for the following fall. Childcare providers, which may run full-day and year-round, also offer a preschool curriculum. The ECCS lists the Preschool Options, including openings and registration dates, and maintains a list of enrichment programs and other resources for parents. We also try to track childcare openings.

Children in Southington have the option of attending the Southington Public School (SPS) district, a Choice or Magnet school, or a private school such as St. Luke Catholic. For some children and families home schooling may be a better option. 

The Southington Public School district hosts a Kindergarten Information session in early winter and online registration is scheduled to open in March. With the change to the Kindergarten cut-off age, they are holding screenings for families who would like an exception. The Kindergarten Registration page spells out the options and details.

Unsure when you should sign your child up for school?  Here is a helpful chart.

Developmental psychologists at the University of Illinois and Auburn University found that regular family routines initiated as early as 14 months can predict a child’s readiness for kindergarten. Routines help children regulate emotions and learn to interact in a socially appropriate way, according to the researchers. They suggest establishing routines with children early, even if it’s as simple as brushing your teeth with them every night.

Regardless of where children attend school, the ECCS has information that may help you get your child prepared and ready for Kindergarten.

Visit the ECCS Events page for more information about workshops, webinars, or virtual office hours for parents/guardians.