Health & Development

Raising healthy children starts before birth. Good prenatal care supports healthy birth weights and reduces pre-term births, resulting in fewer health issues for babies.  Some pregnant women may experience complications like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. But with regular and quality prenatal care, you’ll be better able to manage any health issues that may come up.” (March of Dimes).

Research shows that a combination of healthy eating and physical activity are essential to a child’s overall health and development. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “healthy eating and regular physical activity can prevent many chronic conditions.” In addition, research has shown that children who are physically active have higher academic achievements, lower BMI, and less disease.

Taking care of your children’s teeth is important too. From America’s Pediatric Dentists, the Big Authority On Little Teeth – “Get It Done In Year One

Check out the Southington Farmer’s Market, held every Friday afternoon on the Town Green from July to October. In addition to finding healthy food, this is a great outing for young children. They can meet a farmer, taste samples, practice math skills by counting, grouping, and ordering (by size or color) the produce and learn more about where food comes from.

Looking for a health care provider in town? Check out our Resources page.

The ECCS wants all Southington Families to be happy and healthy!