Kindergarten Ready?

The ECCS works closely with parents and schools to make the registration process for incoming kindergarteners as seamless as possible. It is important for children to have some sort of pre-school experience. The ECCS announces the nursery school and preschool program registration dates every year and maintains a list of enrichment programs and other resources for parents.

Southington Public Schools
Here is the typical registration timeline for the Southington Public School System:

October – the ECCS hosts an annual Kindergarten Readiness workshop series for parents of 3 and 4 year olds. This three-night series covers math skills, literacy and kindergarten preparedness.
January/February – Kindergarten Registration Information Session for parents of students who will start in the fall hosted by the Southington Public Schools.  For the 2017-2018 school year, this session was held on January 30, 2017.
February – Online registration opens. For the 2017-2018 school year, this is scheduled for February 20, 2017.
March – Schools host their own registration session where required documents are brought in to complete the registration process.
May – Kindergarten orientation scheduled by each school, including bus orientation
First day of school – Kindergarten students must be brought in by parents, no bus transportation. Don’t forget to take the first day of school photo in front of the school sign.
More information about the SPS registration process and March 2017 registration dates is on the Southington Public Schools site.

Parochial Schools
The parochial schools in town – Central Christian Academy and Southington Catholic – have their own registration process.

Southington Catholic School is now accepting applications for their full day kindergarten program. Young students can be bussed to school right from their Southington home  to school’s front door at 133 Bristol Street.  After school care is available for busy, working parents. Parents are invited to come visit and explore the benefits of small class size.  For more information, please call 860-628-2485.

Central Christian Academy, at 1505 West Street in Southington can be reached at 860-621-6701.

Magnet Schools
The Capitol Regional Education Council (CREC) magnet schools are by lottery, applications are accepted in early winter with a late application period running into the summer. There are 10 CREC schools in the Greater Hartford area that offer a Pre-K program and 9 CREC schools that offer Kindergarten.

About Kindergarten Readiness
Preschool opportunities are essential in preparation for kindergarten. Preschool can be defined in several ways – including nursery school, childcare programs, enrichment programs, reading programs, music programs and many more. Any child based programs that allow for the child to interact with other children and participate in a group setting begin to lay the strong foundations for kindergarten readiness.

Recent research says that for kindergarten readiness, three critical areas need to intersect:


  • When intervention starts


  • Intentional instructional component
  • Focus on social-emotional


  • Day-to-day basis (e.g., half-day vs. full-day programs)
  • Cumulative, over time (e.g., attendance; year-to-year)

If we want children to be prepared for kindergarten and be “ready to learn” in the early grades (K-grade 3), we must:

1. Develop strong foundational cognitive skills (literacy/communication and math).

2.  Develop social and emotional competence.

3.  Establish patterns of engagement in school and learning

And we must do this in partnership with:

  • District Leaders
  • Principals
  • Teachers
  • Site Administrators
  • Families
  • Community Leaders
  • Childcare Providers

Adapted from Kauerz, K. (April 8, 2014) Presentation to CT Governor’s PreK-Grade 3 Symposium, Hartford, CT

The ECCS is committed to building and supporting these partnerships and sharing as much information as possible with parents and caregivers about various preschool opportunities.