Kindergarten Ready?

The ECCS helps parents find preschool options, enrichment programs, and other resources to ensure their child is ready for kindergarten. The ECCS also hosts the annual Kindergarten Readiness Workshops, here are the 2017 presentations.

While academic skills are important, we often forget the importance of non-academic life skills your child should have before entering kindergarten. Teaching these life skills and independence will not only benefit your child in the long run but will also give your child’s teacher more time to teach and work on their academic skills. You can find a list of life skills for kindergarteners here.

Recent research* says that for kindergarten readiness, three critical areas need to intersect:

1. Timing

  • When intervention starts

2. Quality

  • Intentional instructional component
  • Focus on social-emotional

3. Dosage

  • Day-to-day basis (e.g., half-day vs. full-day programs)
  • Cumulative, over time (e.g., attendance; year-to-year)

If we want children to be prepared for kindergarten and be “ready to learn” in the early grades (K-grade 3), we must:

1. Develop strong foundational cognitive skills (literacy/communication and math).

2.  Develop social and emotional competence.

3.  Establish patterns of engagement in school and learning

And we must do this in partnership with:

  • District Leaders
  • Principals
  • Teachers
  • Site Administrators
  • Families
  • Community Leaders
  • Childcare Providers

* Adapted from Kauerz, K. (April 8, 2014) Presentation to CT Governor’s PreK-Grade 3 Symposium, Hartford, CT

The ECCS is committed to building and supporting these partnerships and sharing as much information as possible with parents and caregivers about various preschool opportunities.