Town Resources

Resources for parents and educators in Southington, Plantsville, Marion and Milldale

Family Child Care Homes

Angeli, Robyn

Year-round care until 5:30 pm.


Vernondale Drive
Southington, CT 06489

Phone: (203) 940-2315 (Cell)

Bausch, Kristin

West Street
Southington, CT 06489

Phone: 860-989-8411

Bouchard, Terry

Old Turnpike Rd
Plantsville, CT 06479

Phone: 860-628-2981

Carbone, Lorraine

Rolling Hill Ln
Southington, CT 06489

Phone: 860-276-8735

Care 4 Kids – Connecticut’s Childcare subsidy

Care 4 Kids helps low to moderate income families in Connecticut pay for child care costs. This program is sponsored by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood.
Several childcare providers in Southington accept the Care 4 Kids subsidy. They are identified in the ECCS Resources listing or call 211 to identify participating providers.

To participate in the program, there are certain eligibility requirements for parents, children and child care providers.
Families must:
- live in Connecticut;
- be working or attending a temporary family cash assistance (Jobs First) approved education or training activity; and
- meet the program’s income requirements.

Children must:
- live in Connecticut; and
- be under age 13, or if the child has special needs, be under age 19.

Providers must:
- be licensed by the CT Office of Early Childhood (unless exempt from licensing); or
- be a relative, like a grandparent; or
- take care of the child in the child’s home.

Phone: 1-888-214-KIDS (5437)

Web Site:

Cook, Jennifer

Horne Circle
Southington, CT 06489

Phone: 860-628-7798

Cyr, Suzanne

Cloverdale Rd
Southington, CT 06489

Phone: 860-620-7500

Dorau, Gloria

Meriden Ave
Southington, CT 06489

Phone: 860-276-0389

Griffis, Angela

George St
Southington, CT 06489

Phone: 860-538-7207

Hatheway, Sheryl

Yorktown Rd
Southington, CT 06489

Phone: 860-621-3764

Lagana’s Before & After School Care

Dina Lagana offers before and after school care, with private transportation, for students at Strong School.

Mt Vernon Rd
Plantsville, CT 06479

Phone: 860-426-0088

Web Site:

Mange, Elissa

Peters Circle
Southington, CT Southington

Phone: 860-628-4311

Martinelli, Anna

High Ridge Rd
Southington, CT 06489

Phone: 860-621-7028

Mearkle, Elizabeth

Pacer Ln
Plantsville, CT 06479

Phone: 203-257-6471

Munson, Tracey

Old Turnpike Rd
Plantsville, CT 06479

Phone: 860-637-7947

Nelson, Maria

Hitchcock Rd
Southington, CT 06489

Phone: 860-628-6366, Cell 860-637-2314

Parmon, Particia

Foley Drive

Phone: 203-313-4982

Radziwon, Marzena

West St
Southington, CT 06489

Phone: 860-819-8401

Sargent, Marilyn

Flanders Rd
Southington, CT 06489

Phone: 860-621-2817

Slimak, Michelle

Within walking distance to Derynoski Elementary and taking children for before/after school.
Open to providing care during non-traditional hours.

Main St
Southington, CT 06479

Phone: 203-685-3284

Thompson, Nicole

Homesdale Ave
Southington, CT 06489

Phone: 860-628-8892

Totire, Aleta

Summit St
Southington, CT 06489

Phone: 860-621-6869

Vailliancourt, Rhonda

Mulberry St
Plantsville, CT 06479

Phone: 860-621-5504

Voisine, Donna

David Dr
Southington, CT 06489

Phone: 860-747-2047